Russian Online School

Online learning is a modern form of academic training

Online learning is a form of training where the modern computer technology is used to conduct lessons remotely, in real time. The tools used in online classes include web cameras, microphones and electronic information exchange and collaboration tools such as online whiteboards, screen sharing and video conferences.

Online education is becoming increasingly popular because of the many advantages over traditional forms of learning such as individual programs, flexibility and convenience at relatively low cost. The differences between online Skype lessons and traditional methods of teaching in the classroom or at home are minor; most of them are related to the ways of exchanging information between the teacher and the student.

To facilitate real-time information exchange and communication between the tutor and the student Russian online school utilizes online collaboration boards, screen sharing, digital audio and video presentations, electronic documents and visual aids.

School students get homework which may include written exercises, problems, audio or visual presentations. Homework can also be provided as links to electronic resources, or as electronic files containing different tasks and exercises.

Homework can be submitted electronically via office suite, or written by hand and scanned or photographed. The homework can be sent to the teacher via e-mail or Skype. When reviewing the homework during the class the teacher can upload the scanned homework to the electronic board and correct errors together with students, in real time.

If you have questions about online training, you can write to us via the feedback form or sign up for a free trial lesson. We will gladly answer any of your questions!