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Ready to master physics at the highest level? At our Russian online school, you can do just that! In the study of physics at our Russian school, you can choose to work through either the Russian program or training materials from other countries. Our tutors will help to prepare you for your school or university program, get you ready for your exams or laboratory work, assist you with homework, and help you conduct experiments.

Each tutor at The Russian school puts the utmost attention into explaining the causal relationships of the laws of physics. Physics teachers working in our Russian online school are high-level professionals who for many years have taught in secondary schools and universities. Through our online physics course, you will be able to enrich your knowledge and perform laboratory and test work, as well as solve theoretical and practical problems. By studying physics with the Skype-based Russian school, any student will be able to overcome the difficulties in mastering this challenging subject.

Physics is the basis of all natural science, revealing the patterns, structure and evolution of our reality. Areas of study in the field of physics include the force of gravity, inertia, friction, the nature of electricity, radiation, etc. The study of physics requires the development of logical and spatial thinking.

Distance learning is becoming a more and more popular and the study of the physics through Skype is no exception. The benefits of learning physics through Skype with the Russian school include an individual approach, flexibility, and cost and time savings.

If you are ready to begin the study of this fascinating subject, you can sign up for a trial lesson in physics, talk with a teacher, and ask all your questions.