Russian Online School


Math is a basic school subject that serves as a base to explore virtually all science-related coursework. In our online school, mathematics is taught in Russian. We feature individual programs that combine the best traditions of the Russian and international mathematical schools.

Our online math tutors are experienced instructors who work in schools and universities, many of them have advanced degrees. Our Skype-based online math programs are designed to help students master the curriculum, prepare for exam, and score good grades that would facilitate entry into any prestigious institution. Classes can be conducted on both the traditional Russian method or curriculum adopted in other countries.

The objectives of the training are to help with the school curriculum in mathematics; to carry out analysis of selected topics in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, elements of analysis; and preparation for tests, exams, competitions, or entry into a college or university.

Math lessons via Skype in our Russian online school begin with a trial lesson. The trial lesson gives the teacher an opportunity to determine the level of mathematical preparation and student’s learning objectives, introduce students to effective teaching aids, and offer theoretical and practical preparatory tasks. In addition, the tutor and the student set up a schedule for subsequent lessons during the trial lesson.

If you have questions about studying math through Skype in the Russian school you can contact us via the feedback form, or sign up for a free trial lesson in mathematics. We will be happy to answer all your questions!