Russian Online School


Learning French at our online school is easy and fun. You’ll get private tutoring, personal learning plan and exercises, interactive sessions and instant results. You’ll master French grammar, pronunciation, reading and writing in no time! Your online French tutor will let you immerse in the language and play out everyday situations such as conversations in the public transport, in stores, restaurants, airports, business negotiations etcetera, which will help you speak French like a francophone.

Learning French through Skype at the Russian online school can be enjoyable and effective at the same time; you’ll see the progress after just a few sessions. Modern online learning tools and methods make online French lessons with Russian school easy and fun!

To start online French lessons in our school please sign up for a free language lesson. A French language instructor will contact you to determine your current level and study objectives and will develop a personal program for learning French online; all using Skype. You’ll be able to set the lesson schedule, discuss the plan of study and try out online collaboration tools such as online boards, screen sharing etc.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us, we are always happy to help!