Russian Online School


The Russian Online School offers courses on a wide variety of subjects and foreign languages for students or adults.

Our school offers a traditional intensive learning process combined with the use of modern computer technology. We will help you with your school / university curriculum – difficult subjects, catching up with studies, completing your school work, learning a foreign language, and helping you prepare for a test or exam.

Participation in our school requires access to a computer or mobile device capable of running Skype. We can help schedule any number of lessons for days and times that best suit you, and you will be able to choose the subject of those lessons. Our teachers will assess your level and will help plan an individual learning program suited to you.

The benefits of the Russian School:

  • individual learning program. Your tutor will give you a specific learning plan based on your level and academic goals, as well as tweaking certain parts of the program as you go based on the speed at which you process the learning material and the difficulties you may experience along the way.
  • individual classes. Classes in our online school are one-on-one – the tutor only works with you during your lessons, which is more effective than group lessons or classes in a crowded room.
  • saving money. Catching up on education via our online school will cost you much less then private at-home tutors or group lessons. You will not need to buy textbooks and other materials, as all our materials can be found online and are easy to access. The first lesson with us is always free.
  • saving time. You do not need to spend time driving to and from tutoring, wasting time in traffic, finding parking, and you won’t need to lose your mind trying to figure out what to do while your child is at their lesson. Your child can have a class anytime, anywhere as long as they have access to internet and Skype.
  • you make up the rules. With us, you are not chained to your school curriculum. We can start / finish a course at any time comfortable for you and we can go along with your specific speed and level of learning. You can always change the program during the course if necessary. We do not have any holidays, we are free whenever / wherever, 24/7 at any point in the world.

Our approach to teaching – Think about the combination of intense teaching methods, a Russian style of teaching, advance technology and one-on-one learning. You have a choice of advanced Russian training while still following the guidelines of your textbook, or to train in your average school curriculum. Quality and technology in the Russian Online School will let you and your children catch up in Russian, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History, Languages, and more, quickly and efficiently. Because all  our classes are in Russian you are also automatically learning and practicing Russian.

If you haven’t experienced online lessons on Skype before, or have a bad history with online learning, just sign up for one free lesson, meet our teachers and get the answers you were looking for! We can make your education goals a reality and help you reach success in your studies!

We’ll see you soon at the Russian Online School!